Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Night

I have a great bunch of ladies that get together once a month to do a crafty project. This month, we did Valentine's wreaths using Close To My Heart's Art Philosophy Cartridge. The flowers were cut from random red, pink, and patterned paper at 3 inches and 2 and 1/4 inches. The finished products are beautiful and look amazing hung just about anywhere. The examples shown were hung on front doors.

I had a request for instructions so I am adding them! First cut a lot of lowers from Close to My Heart's Art Philosophy Cart. This is the flower that is attached the the fleur de lis cut and it is cut at 3 inches.

Then, begin rolling your flower. The color you want to see rolls to the inside! Start on a skewer and roll the paper right on top of itself. The tighter you roll, the tighter the flower will be.

Roll down to the base. This will hold the flower up. Make sure you do not roll the base!

Let the flower go. It will loosen up and look more realistic. If your middle is too tight, twist the middle paper to the left to loosen it up.

Now you are ready for glue. Put a generous amount of liquid glass on the base. Push the flower down and hold for a moment or two.

Now you have a finished flower! For the wreath, I suggest getting a group done, then gluing. Smush the flowers together because the more full the wreath is, the better it looks. Start with the flowers cut at 3 inches and then fill in with the flowers cut at 2 1/4


  1. that is you have directions you can share?

  2. I will email them to you! VERY fun to do and beautiful results